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Explore the Danish capital of America found in the heart of beautiful Santa Ynez Valley. The bike friendly village boasts three museums, over thirty restaurants, and many bakeries offering the tastes of Denmark. The buildings in this quaint city are all traditionally built in the Danish style and provide a beautiful backdrop for your bike rental adventures.

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Solvang Community Works to Keep Christmas Spirit Alive During Pandemic

Solvang Community Works to Keep Christmas Spirit Alive During Pandemic by KEYT

2020 has been quite a year. In spite of all of it, some people haven’t forgotten the Christmas spirit.

“I’m all about the Christmas spirit, I love this time of year. I happen to know the Grinch really well so I see him walking around randomly. We have a snow machine, I dress up. It’s my favorite time of year, I love it,” said Matt Morgantini with Wheel Fun Rentals in Solvang.

Although Christmas festivities have been substantially reduced this year due to COVID, some people came to the small town anyways, hoping to get a taste, no matter how small, of the Christmas spirit Solvang is now famous for.

Despite the pancake shortage due to restaurants being closed, some businesses, like Surrey Cycle Rentals by Wheel Fun Rentals, have remained open and optimistic.

“I’ve been a local my whole life and to see it go from such a big event last year and this year it’s kinda hard to keep up,” said Morgantini. “But you know with the Solvang spirit we’re still keeping up, we still have all the Christmas trees out and our lights up and everything. We’re doing the best with what we have and making the best of it.”